Let’s face it, moving can be stressful. You’ve packed your clothes, boxed all the dishes, hired a mover, and now you are finally ready to move. With all the things you must do for your move, it’s easy to forget about cleaning tasks! Everyone can always use an extra hand with moving and heavy lifting, but cleaning needs often get put to the side. This aspect of moving can be especially important if you have a security deposit on the line. You have enough to do with your move, so let TidyBuzz take the stress out of your move in or move out with our professional cleaning and organizing services catered exactly to your specifications. Maybe you need a deep clean or just a few items cleaned, we can help! TidyBuzz offers move in and move out cleaning services so you can focus on packing and unpacking instead of cleaning up.

Moving out? Let us do the dirty work to save you money to ensure you get your entire security deposit back. Often, your house or apartment contracts require you to have a checklist of cleaned items or ensure the space is left in “broom swept” condition. No matter what the requirements are, we can cover all the high and low cleaning needs of your space. This includes dusting, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and scrubbing, countertop wiping, and vacuuming and sweeping floors. No move out cleaning job is too big or too small! We meet the cleaning needs of all sizes and spaces of homes and apartments. All move out jobs are guaranteed to meet your specifications and requirements needed to get the space in the perfect condition.

Moving in? You have enough to organize and unpack, allow us to ensure your space is completely clean before it’s full of your belongings.  Before you unpack and organize, it’s essential to start with a clean space. It gives you a fresh start in your new space, and lets you focus on unpacking and perfect placement of all your items. You can rest assured your house is clean and comfortable! Having a clean house prior to moving in also allows you to enter a healthy environment. Moving is tiresome; give yourself time to relax and enjoy your space once your items are arranged and unpacked. And if you decide to become a regular customer, we can give you a flat rate for your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings so you can maintain the cleanliness and organization.

We customize your move in or move out cleaning experience to make the moving process easy from start to finish. Whether your job is big or small, we can accommodate all of your needs easily with our screened,trained, and professional staff. Living in spaces naturally creates grime, dirt, and dust in areas, so allow TidyBuzz to make your move in or move out as clean and easy as possible. Call TidyBuzz today to schedule a cleaning to meet your exact needs. Take stress out of the moving process and let us handle the cleaning!